About Me

I am a postgraduate in Arts from S.R.T.M. University, Nanded, Maharashtra, India. I am serving as a secondary school English teacher in Gunjoti, a small village in southern Maharashtra. Since I am into ELT my area of interest revolves around it. Its sometimes about using ICT effectively in English language teaching, sometimes its about turning lengthy lessons into activities, about warmers, about innovative activities, etc. I have around 7 years of teaching experience in all. I have attended seminars, webconference, webinars, workshops, training and some conferences. I have also presented papers on couple of conferences based on ‘Motivation’ and ‘Classroom Experiments’.

I am interested in strengthening my network with lots of ELTs professionals around the world. Hence this blogging. With 20 more years of service in my tenure’s credit i look forward for more in ELT. Happy ELT!!

I am available on

Facebook: Mahesh Dudhankar

Twitter: @MaheshDudhankar

Lindedin: Mahesh Dudhankar

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